UNIVERSAL FLORIDA — Marshall Kramer, Chris Barry, Tom Morrisey, and Dave Cavanaugh, have been selected to participate in Season 10, FIREBALL RUN Anniversary Edition, a 26-episode adventure-travel competition series distributed by Amazon Instant Video.

Fireball Run is the story of 40 rally teams as they compete in a legendary 2,000-mile, life-sized trivia game. To win, they take the road less traveled in an epic quest rediscover America in search of unique places and obscure historic artifacts. All just for bragging rights, a greater cause and a plastic road sign. An entertaining series which inspires travel, the production also raises awareness for missing children.

Morrisey and Cavanaugh – Team 66 – is representing Michelle Lakey, who was abducted in 1986 from Scranton, Pa. Kramer and Barry – Team 77 – is representing Daniel Markus who was abducted on October 30th of 2012, from the city of Reading, Pa. The teams will be distributing 1,000 posters during the live production in an effort to raise awareness for the missing child. Since 2007 Fireball Run’s efforts have aided in the successful recovery of 45 missing children.

Above having two local teams representing the Lebanon Valley, the show is visiting Lebanon County on Tuesday, September 27, 2016. Teams will arrive around 1 p.m. to complete missions at 7 secret locations throughout the county. At 3:00 p.m., teams will arrive at Cumberland and 8th Streets, Lebanon for a red-carpet finish and livestreaming.

The community is hosting a festival throughout the 8900 blocks of Cumberland Streets, with live music, food trucks, vendors, a classic car cruise, and time to meet the celebrities and view the exotic vehicles.

Hosted by YouTube travel star Ivan Ellis and professional wrestler Sassy Stephie, Fireball Run is the only episodic series filmed in real time, i.e. as it happens. All elements of the show are authentic, including contestant outcome and reaction. NOT a Reality TV series, Fireball Run is factual entertainment. Factual television is a genre of nonfiction depicting actual events and people. Not a road-race, contestant speeds are monitored by the AmberAlertGPS system by AlertGPS®. Fans can follow their favorite teams in real time as they traverse along a satellite map at fireballrun.com.

Notable season 10 contestants include Brazilian Astronaut, Marcos Pontes, Actor Brian O’Halloran (Clerks Dogma, Chasing Amy), billionaire reality star Jacqueline Siegel (Queen of Versailles, Wife Swap, Hotwives of Las Vegas), and features the time car from Back to the Future along with other unique vehicles.

For additional info, photos, video or interviews email lputt@visitlebanonvalley.com or media@fireballrun.com,